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Ramón is a well-known figure in the small village of Artieda. He is a proud elder of the community that has been a resident of the village for many years.

Despite his age, Ramón is a man who is always looking for new challenges, and his love for technology is what sets him apart from others.

From a young age, Ramón has been fascinated with the workings of machines. He bought his first computer just to disassemble it and understand how it works. This curiosity and thirst for knowledge have only increased with age, and he is always eager to learn about the latest technology and gadgets.

But Ramón is not just a tech enthusiast, he has a diverse range of interests that keep him active and engaged. One of his favorite hobbies is cooking, and he is known in the village for his delicious fruits in syrup and cakes. He also enjoys photography and has captured some of the best pictures of the village.

Now retired, Ramón has taken up a new hobby - creating wooden clocks. He loves the challenge of working with his hands and using his technical knowledge to bring his visions to life.

When we met him, we were immediately struck by his enthusiasm for technology and his love for learning. We knew he would love a new challenge, so we reached out to our dear friend Christina from Wikifactory who is passionate about 3D printing, and asked her if she would be willing to lend Ramón their 3D printer.

At first, Ramón had no idea what to do with the 3D printer. He had never worked with one before, but that didn't stop him from researching and trying it out. He was determined to learn, and with time and effort, he managed to not only use the printer but even repair it.

And that's when the magic happened. Little by little, Ramón built an amazing 3D clock, using his technical knowledge and his passion for working with his hands.

This clock is a testament to his hard work, determination and love for learning, and it is a true masterpiece.

Ramón is a true inspiration for the younger generation and a proud ambassador of the village of Artieda. Locals and visitors are drawn to his endless curiosity.

Besides he is always eager to share his knowledge and to help others, and his generosity is known throughout the village.

His passion for technology, combined with his kind heart and his never-ending quest for knowledge, makes him an endearing and fascinating soul. Come to Artieda to meet him!

Thank you Christina and wikifactory for bringing this tech challenge to Ramón!


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