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Is this Rooral experiece aligend with me? Who typically joins?

Participants on a Rooral retreat are normally well travelled professionals with diverse personalities and interests. The common denominator is the desire to slow down and living a more connected and regenerative lifestyle.


Our average age of Rooralists is mid 30's to mid 40's, but we've welcomed people of all ages. When it comes to roles, we have hosted people from the whole spectrum: from CEOs and entrepreneurs, to artists and nature experts. The more diverse, the more learning & fun!


An important point is it's not necessary to be working on something in order to participate. Many joining us are taking time off, are retired, or just deciding what comes next in life and are looking for some inspiration.


Since regeneration is one of the organizing principles of Rooral, many participants are passionate about environment, deepening into local cultures and looking forward to connecting with rural wisdom.

When can I join?

2024 we are open May, June, September, October, November and December.


We accept bookings for entire weeks, being the minimum stay 2 weeks. This is because we want to make sure you have enough time to land, savour pueblo life and  feel the benefits of slow living.

We centralize check-ins and check-outs on Sundays, as we provide a curated experience and  want to make your stay as smooth as possible. Write to us if this is not an option for you and we can discuss potential options.

What´s included in the Rooral experience?


  • Before:

    • Dedicated support from our team to welcome you, answer doubts and set expectations.

    • Welcome guide with local infraestracture, recommendations, packing list and tips.
    • Access to our members group, so that you can start connecting.
  • During:
    • A village you will call home
      • Accommodation in a traditional home (private room)
      • Fully equipped for cooking, laundry and relaxing.
      • Basic local & eco products provided (olive oil, coffee, infusions, salt, wood for the fire, etc.)
    • Inspiring Workspace

      • 1Gb Simmetric Speed

      • Outdoor and indoor meeting spaces and calling rooms

      • Beautiful terrace with valley views,

      • A couple of steps from accommodationOpen

      • Maker Space for tech enthusiasts (3D printer, Google glasses, drone...)

      • Open 24/7

    • Cultural inmersion

      • Welcome tour of the village by the local mayor

      • Curated calendar of events with workshops, excursions, and traditional activities.

      • Walking distance to the forest and the slower rural pace of life you will discover why rural people live longer than urban ones.

    • Professional growth

      • Living in Benarrabá also fosters professional development.

      • Rooral organizes skill-sharing sessions and workshops, enabling you to acquire fresh insights, build professional connections, and tackle challenges effectively.

    • Community of curious and caring people

      • Living and working alongside a diverse community of innovative, location-independent professionals broadens your perspectives on alternative approaches to remote work, lifestyle and connection.

      • The village is like a big extended family, and they are looking forward to welcome you.

    • Rooral support

      • Dedicated Rooral host for a seamless experience.

      • Troubleshooting support for workspace, housing, or any other challenges.

    • Facilities

      • Access to village facilities (local gym, swimming pool, paddle court...)

      • Guide to local shops, entrepreneurs, restaurants, hiking trails....

  • After

    • You now have a pueblo you can always come back to by yourself or with your beloved ones!

    • Lifelong connections with other colivers and local neighbours.

    • A supportive community for your journey :)


Not included

  • Transportation to arrive to the village (but we can happily coordinate it for you!)

  • Alcohol

  • Meals (except special occasions)

  • Transportation for personal reasons, but we always make it work :)

  • Activities not detailed above

What are Rooral´s payment, cancellation and refund policies?


The Rooral experience is broken down into a down payment and experience fee(s).

  • Your Down payment of 40% of the total price is necessary to officially reserve your spot on a Rooral experience.

  • The Experience fee (the remaining 60% of total price) is paid onsite (cash or bank transfer).

Cancellation & refund

  • If you cancel your reservation 45 days or more before the start of the experience, we will transfer your credit to another trip (within 9 months) one time.

  • If you cancel less than 45 days before the start of the experience we will only be able to transfer the Experience fee to another trip (if we find a replacement).

What happens if Rooral cancels the trip

  • In the case Rooral cancels the trip because of external reasons, we will let you choose between transfering your credit to another trip or getting fully reimbursed.

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