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*This post has been written by Tomás Nores, Psychologist and Principal Facilitator at Rooral.

Remote working is not a possibility that everyone can afford, I am aware of the privilege it implies. However, there are still people and institutions that could do it and still do not even consider it.

By remote work, online work or telecommuting, we mean any work that a person performs outside the office or company headquarters. Whether an employee or a freelancer, those who opt for the work reap numerous benefits.

The number of industries offering telecommuting opportunities continues to grow as it becomes an increasingly popular option, however there are many companies that Post Covid have reverted to face-to-face, limiting choice in their work teams.

I also understand the benefits of socialization and teamwork derived from office work, however there are other ways to do it, it requires creativity and new approaches to leadership and business management.

For a month I am lucky enough to work remotely in Benarrabá, a small town of almost 500 inhabitants in the province of Malaga with very nice views as you will see in the Center for Innovation and Sustainability. A really amazing place, open for any remote worker to use its facilities.

Some of the benefits I find in remote work are:

  1. Freedom of choice: Remote work can be from your home, from a coworking space, from a cafe, in your city or any other. The possibility of designing your week freely opens worlds, literally.

  2. Reduced stress: Many stressors are associated with commuting to work, and the loss of time that this causes. Working remotely means you can choose where to work from without having to travel long distances.

  3. Increased productivity: Some research suggests that working in natural environments can improve concentration, creativity and productivity. Taking short breaks at home and connecting with nature can renew our energy and improve our focus.

  4. Increased emotional well-being: Work-life balance is a major stressor. Spending time in a place we find comfortable, in nature or the café of our choice, can improve mood, reduce anxiety and promote feelings of overall well-being.

  5. Connection to the environment: One of the great benefits of remote work, is that we can choose locations in nature, as seen in the photo. After stressful moments or long hours at work, having easy access to nature helps a lot for relaxation.

In your case, have you experienced the benefits of remote work and, if so, how has it impacted your work-life balance and well-being?


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