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At Rooral.Co, we believe that both cities and rural areas offer unique benefits when lived in intentionally.

Living in the city provides endless entertainment. From international cuisine to cultural museums, there's a reason why many of us are drawn to city life.

However, extended time in the city can become overwhelming. The noise, pollution, traffic, fast pace, and dense population can take a toll on us. You may start to find yourself craving weekends in nature or longer vacations away from the urban bustle.

We see potential for both lifestyles to complement each other. With the right balance, life can be rich with diversity, wellbeing, and inspiration.

The challenge for many people desiring more balance in their lifestyles is how to transition from short getaways to longer stays in rural areas. Questions arise: Where do I go? What will my life look like? Will I get bored? Who will I live with?

Don’t worry! We’ve got your back. Rooral.Co is a community of coworking and coliving spaces in rural Spain that enables individuals to experience the slow life of working and living close to nature. We take care of the accommodation, activities, working space so that you can focus on connecting with yourself, community and nature. Let’s dive deeper into what it would take to transition from urban to rural living.

Understanding the Desire for Transition from Urban to Rural Living

Many city dwellers reach a point where the city's hustle and bustle becomes overwhelming. Feelings of burnout and disconnection start to become evident, and the question about exploring a new way of life emerges.

Perhaps those weekend getaways no longer fulfill the desire for nature, a slower pace, and a less stressful lifestyle. A longer stay away from the city may be an option to achieve this balance.

One of the evident examples of how rural areas can support our wellbeing and help us recover from burnout is the minimal noise, light and toxic pollution that we have gotten accustomed to in big cities. This deeply improves our sleep quality and the ability for our body to regulate more quickly. Being surrounded by nature relaxes our nerves as we tune-in to nature’s cycle and electromagnetic field.

Living in the city can sometimes feel isolating even if there are many people around you, and the lack of depth of meaningful connection may cause you to feel lonely. Transitioning to a rural Spanish village can fulfill the human need for community and stronger social connections.

Small villages have tight-knit communities, where everyone knows their neighbors, participate in local events, and foster a sense of belonging. Seeing the same friendly faces around the village daily very quickly results in the sense of a caring community, something that is difficult to achieve in a large city.

Our Rooral.Co community also brings together like-minded people who are curious, open and conscious. This usually sparks strong bonds and gives Rooralists a sense of familiarity.

Rural living also offers the benefits of a simpler and more peaceful way of life. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, you can enjoy clean air, scenic landscapes, and the calming sounds of nature.

Living simply also means eating locally and seasonally, and lowering daily living costs compared to cities. We’ve learned that having fewer options helps us to be more content and present with what is naturally available. Lower expenses also relieve financial pressure, promoting a more relaxed lifestyle.

The slower, simpler way of life can reduce stress levels, leading to improved mental, emotional and physical health.

Rooralists hiking in the Pyrenees on a weekend excursion.
Rooralists hiking in the Pyrenees on a weekend excursion.

Preparing for Transition

Moving to a village for a few weeks can be a rewarding experience. However, it requires mental and practical preparation for a smooth transition. Here are some things to consider.

Firstly, if you're employed, inform your employer about your plans to work from a village for a few weeks. If you plan to use this time to achieve a better work-life balance, communicate this clearly to avoid any work-related stress during your stay.

We like to recommend Rooralists to finish any pressing work commitments before their village stay to be fully present and participate in engaging activities. We suggest arriving with a clear schedule. so that you can take part in impromptu local activities. A flexible itinerary also allows you to unplug and disconnect as you may feel compelled to take a midday nature walk or use the time for introspection, relaxation, and personal growth.

Researching the village, its culture, and community can enrich your experience. It can also help you understand the local way of life and build positive relationships with locals. Becoming familiar with the area, local services like healthcare facilities, stores, and transportation options, can also be helpful for you to feel secure in a new place. Learning some basic Spanish phrases can also be your way to connect faster with locals, so start brushing up on your language skills!

Finally, prepare for a change in living pace. You will be embracing the slower, nature-focused lifestyle in the village. Also, be patient with the unexpected—village living means fewer amenities than cities, and tasks may take longer to complete, as others are also living the slow life.

A warm hug during a hike close to Artieda.
A warm hug during a hike close to Artieda.

Utilising Rooral for Transition

If you’re finding that more questions about how to live and work remotely from a rural village are arising now, don’t worry. We’re here to help! Having hosted numerous remote work experiences in four different rural villages in Spain, we can help make your transition smoother.

Currently, Rooral.Co handpicks fully equipped and comfortable homes for your transition to be easeful and smooth. All of the homes that we offer are cozy and rustic to give you the best of rural living. Starting 2024, we will have our very first permanent base in Benarraba for you to call home.

We work with locals in all the villages where we host our experiences to offer a variety of activities to match your mood. This can range from mushroom picking in the autumn to ceramic classes with a local artist. All you need to do is reserve some time in your schedule to fully immerse yourself in the richness of rural life.

As for the co-working space, we promise high-speed, reliable internet and windows overlooking nature to inspire and calm you during your workday. A significant advantage of co-working in a rural village is that instead of commuting daily to a city office, you can save that time and use it as you wish.

For example, many Rooralists use this time to commit to their wellbeing routines like meditating, doing yoga and journaling. Others prefer to use this time to learn more about the wisdom of the rural world through the many workshops offered.

Spacious days means that there’s more time to self reflect and dedicate time to your well-being.
Spacious days means that there’s more time to self reflect and dedicate time to your well-being.

Experiencing Rural Living with Rooral

Past Rooralist, Enasha, commented on her experience in Benarraba, “There was structure without it being rigid. So much integration and opportunity to mix with the locals in a fun and natural way. There was a huge variety of things to do. Despite having been to Spain I think at least 5 times before; I have finally experienced the real Spain.”

Regarding the sense of belonging at a Rooral.Co experience, Constanze said, “It felt like a homecoming in the sense that I felt taken care of by the team from day one. This has allowed me to develop and transform on a deeply personal level and also professionally.” Because Rooral takes care of many logistical things, Rooralists have a lot of time to focus on themselves and use this precious time to dedicate to themselves.

Sabrina can attest to the care that we put into the activities to make sure that you have options aligned with personal interests. “Rooral did an amazing job at creating the environment where everyone felt safe to open up. It’s obvious that the Rooral team went the extra mile by offering great field trips, peer-to-peer learning, and wellbeing activities like yoga and forest bathing.”


As you can see, the benefits of transitioning from the city to rurals are plenty. They include many upsides to your lifestyle and exploring living in rural areas for part of your year can bring balance to your life. Ultimately, living part of the year close to nature increases your quality of life and improves your overall well being.

If this sounds like an experience that you would like to embark on, our next experience is in the Spring of 2024 in Benarraba, Malaga. Reach out to us with any questions that you may have here!


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