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Article by Javier Jauregui Ortun

This process of reconnecting to nature can promote psychological, physiological, and spiritual well-being, helping people cultivate ways of being that are relevant and appropriate to local ecosystems. (Gary Sherman Snyder)

In this article, we want to ask you a question for you to reflect on with us: In your opinion, is it possible to attain a state of well-being, in which you feel healthy and satisfied both physically and mentally? What are the ways in which you accomplish it?

There is so much going on around us in our everyday lives, which makes it difficult for us to stay in balance and rooted sometimes. We seem to be constantly rushing around, quickly trying to reach our individual goals and “success”, both professionally and socially. However, after a long day of activities, we often yearn for peace and tranquility and there is a word that frequently comes to our mind: well-being. “Am I really in a state of well-being in this race that I am living in?”

Is it really possible to naturally attain this state of well-being, without having to do endless sessions in the gym or resorting to a psychology specialist? How can we reach that state of feeling healthy and satisfied both physically and mentally? As you can imagine, there are so many variables, and every person may find it in different ways. That is why we want to share with you 5 ways in which we believe we can enhance our well-being, hoping that they will inspire you and resonate with you.

Stop and Listen

As easy as it may sound, it is practically impossible to hear our innermost self if we are “wearing earplugs”, constantly rushing around, talking about ourselves and endlessly desiring more. Literally give your-self a break , and stop and listen consciously to this moment. “Why am I always in such a hurry? You may discover places, people and amazing opportunities that were just around the corner. Some seeds take longer to germinate, but they often become centenary trees.

Observe & Become Nature

It does not matter if you are living in a big city or a small town. Nature is all around us, and beyond the complexities that we have built around ourselves, we belong to it. It is really healthy to see a bird being a bird, a tree being a tree, or a child being a child. Have you realized how fortunate you are to just exist as part of this vast and mysterious universe? Observing Nature has a great effect on enhancing our well-being, as it reminds us of the interconnection of everything on this planet, and of how perfect we are by nature.

Drink your Food, chew your Drink

As the Tai Chi master Cheng Man Ching used to say, we need to eat fully aware, appreciating every bite, enjoying food’s flavor & texture. Are we aware of how much time, observation and effort took for both the food you are eating and the people who grew it and made it available to you? In the same way, are we aware of how vital water is in all its forms (like juice or other beverages) to our system and well-being? Once we realize these privileges, we do not over-eat or drink unconsciously, but we enjoy the process slowly and we feel the benefits in our physical and mental health as the body and mind are refreshed and nourished. Furthermore, we feel light and strong at the same time, more active and alive.

Question yourself and trust the Universe

We often push ourselves too much because we want to be better every day. However, by having this attitude, we may end up in the wheel of the squirrel cage, as Allan Watts used to say. Not taking ourselves too seriously, knowing how small we are in this vast universe and accepting that not that many people actually care about us, we unload some of the stones in our backpacks and start moving forward more lightly. This humbling change in perspective can help us to enhance our well-being, as we leave space for things to happen (or not to happen) and we trust the whole changing environment of a Universe on which we do not have control.

Cooperate and understand your neighbor

Since the beginning of time, humans have gathered together to develop strategies to survive. Most of the living beings in the world are naturally more resilient than us, as they can hunt with their own claws and fangs, or live within interconnected ecosystems that provide them with all their needs. On the contrary, we wouldn’t last two days without tools or well-planned collective strategies. History has shown us that we cannot live without cooperation with our fellow humans. If we understand this, we will enhance our well-being for several reasons, as our competitive mindset and obsessive individualism will vanish. By collaborating with our neighbors, we will live more relaxed and grateful, as we will see the positive impact of our actions on a daily basis and the crucial importance of interconnection and teamwork.

After sharing with you our perspective, we go back to the question we asked you at the beginning: In your opinion, is it possible to attain a state of well-being, in which you feel healthy and satisfied both physically and mentally?

We believe it is possible, and we really hope you do as well!

Work remotely. Live rooted.

Join us in this journey.


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