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Benarrabá is a charming village located in the province of Málaga, Spain. Nestled in the scenic Genal Valley, Benarrabá is known for its picturesque setting, traditional white-washed houses, and narrow winding streets that showcase the rich history and culture of the region. The village offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and is surrounded by lush greenery, making it a peaceful and idyllic place to work remotely and experience rural life. 

Benarrabá has a history that dates back centuries, with influences from various civilizations, including the Moors and Romans. The village's architecture reflects this historical richness.

We at Rooral.Co are fortunate to call Benarrabá our home. Starting in Spring 2024, our coliving and coworking base will be located here. After hosting experiences in various Spanish villages, we're thrilled to offer an experience of working remotely in a modern coworking space while being immersed in a culturally and historically rich Spanish village. Let's explore more about this unique village, which might be your future home!

The History and Culture of Benerraba

Benarrabá, boasts a rich history, steeped in the influences of various civilizations that have inhabited the region over the centuries. The village's cultural tapestry is a blend of Moorish, Roman, and Christian legacies, contributing to its unique character.

The village's history dates back to Roman times, with archaeological evidence suggesting early human settlement. During the Moorish rule, Benarrabá thrived as part of the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada, leaving behind architectural remnants and cultural influences that can still be observed today.

With the Christian Reconquest, Benarrabá became part of the Kingdom of Castile in the 15th century. The transition is reflected in the architecture, with the construction of Christian churches alongside existing Moorish structures.

Sitting in the heart of Benarraba is the Iglesia de Santo Domingo de Guzmán. This church, dating back to the 16th century, is a prime example of the blend of Moorish and Gothic architecture. The church stands as a testament to the historical transitions that the village underwent.

A walk through the charming windy streets of Benarraba showcases the characteristic white-washed houses, a common feature in Andalusian villages, that lend Benarrabá its distinctive appearance. These buildings, with their narrow streets and charming courtyards, contribute to the timeless allure of the village.

Like many Spanish villages, Benarrabá celebrates traditional festivals. These may include religious events, such as Semana Santa (Holy Week), as well as local festivities that showcase music, dance, and culinary traditions.

The local cuisine is a reflection of the region's agricultural abundance. Benarrabá offers dishes that incorporate fresh and local ingredients. Spanish staples like Iberic ham and different tapas are plenty here! There’s an incredible butcher just across the street from the co-working space so we often find ourselves stopping by to buy chorizo or morcilla after work.

Many traditional villages in Spain maintain artisanal crafts. Benarrabá has artisans skilled weaving baskets, natural dyes, and cork making, all of which have been passed down through generations.

Benarrabá's allure lies not only in its stunning natural surroundings but also in the layers of history, architectural beauty, and vibrant local culture that define this picturesque village in the heart of Andalusia.

Nestled between hills, Benarraba is a charming village in the south of Spain.

Rooral’s Influence in Benerraba

One of Rooral.Co's core pillars is community - fostering a sense of belonging and connection is vital to our presence in the village. We strive to make the local community feel seen, respected and supported.

We have several activities in Benarraba that bridge our worlds. For example, our potluck dinner parties bring together multiple generations and cultures, encouraging people to enjoy each other’s cuisine and learn about family recipes.

We also promote skill sharing and development between Rooralists and villagers. Workshops have been conducted on various topics, from computer coding to emotional intelligence for middle schoolers and has enriched both sides.

Rooralists contribute a diverse range of skills. Our initiatives in rural areas often emphasize sustainability and environmental stewardship.This can involve supporting eco-friendly practices, preserving natural landscapes, and promoting a harmonious coexistence between the community and its surroundings. For instance, Manuela, a Rooralist in Benarraba who works in circular solutions in Italy, demonstrated how to compost organic waste communally. 

The locals, too, are eager to share their wisdom with us. They've taught us basket weaving, given us tours of the cork factory, and shared regional recipes. We've also learned about the local ecosystem and visited social impact initiatives in the area, such as an Iberian pig conservation center and local cheese-making facilities.

In a small village, strangers become familiar quickly. Casual conversations in local bars or on the streets hold great value and meaning. Practicing Spanish with locals helps bridge cultural and lifestyle gaps, fostering compassionate, curiosity-filled conversations.

Multi-cultural potluck dinner with locals in Benarraba.

Rooral is committed to sustainable practices and promoting harmonious coexistence between participants and the local environment. We provide an experience that values and preserves Benarrabá's natural beauty.

We believe that work and life should complement each other. Live in a place where work energizes you, and the surroundings inspire creativity and focus.

Our commitment to the community ensures that your experience goes beyond work. Build genuine connections with locals, fellow participants, and the rich cultural heritage of Benarrabá.

Personal Experiences

Rooralists who have stayed in Benarrabá consistently express deep appreciation for its unique combination of charm, community, and nature. The village's focus on values such as collaboration, openness and respect for nature resonates strongly with them.

They found joy in the simplicity of life, surrounded by the village's natural beauty and warm-hearted people. Despite being nestled in the hills, Rooralists noted the village's remarkable ability to provide everything needed for a connected life. The genuine sense of calm, serenity, and community stood out, making Benarrabá distinct from other villages. 

The friendly locals, stunning views, and accessible hiking trails also stand out, fostering a deep connection between people, themselves, and nature. The slow-paced, peaceful lifestyle, complemented by excellent facilities like coworking spaces and a gym, leaves a lasting impression on Rooralists.

Many express gratitude for the community's welcoming nature, the genuine connections formed, and the memorable experiences in this picturesque village.

Stefanie Karbach, a manager at Amazon, said, “Rooral made all of us bond into one amazing group and we were so amazingly supportive in each other's journeys. Can't think of a team of people I would more wholeheartedly trust. I recommend this experience to anyone that wants to redefine their journey and take care of themselves, their community and the environment.”

Locals in Benarraba also value the enriching human relationships born from Rooral.Co experiences. It has sparked social exchanges and a greater appreciation of locals and the wisdom they hold.

Many locals enjoy the opportunity to meet and connect with Roorallists from different countries. They particularly note the eagerness of Rooralists from various nations to contribute value.

There is a sentiment of gratitude for the richness of the people and cultural diversity. The culinary and cultural exchanges, and interactions with locals, has facilitated cultural understanding, as has the exchange of information and viewpoints.

Local goat cheese making and tasting.

Local Attractions and Lifestyle

Benarraba is a culturally rich village offering a range of experiences, from beautiful hikes to workshops with local artisans.

A good starting point could be the Iglesia de Santo Domingo de Guzmán. This church, featuring Moorish and Gothic influences, reflects the village's historical transitions. Moreover, remnants of Roman and Moorish architecture can be discovered throughout the area.

For hiking enthusiasts, numerous trails starting from the village lead through the Genal Valley and surrounding mountains. These hikes offer lush landscapes and a refreshing escape from urban life. The village also boasts a padel court overlooking a view of the valley, for those interested in playing the sport!

Participating in local events and gatherings is a great way to connect with residents and experience the hospitality of rural Spanish life. Weekly markets offer locally-produced goods, fresh produce, and artisanal crafts. Engaging with local vendors will give you a taste of the region's culinary offerings.

For a deeper cultural exchange, consider learning about local traditions and crafts through workshops, such as goat cheese making and basket weaving. It's a unique way to immerse yourself in the village's cultural heritage.

Rooral is more than just a remote work initiative; it's a community-driven effort promoting engagement with the local community. It fosters meaningful connections, leading to a sense of belonging.

As a Rooralist, you will find a balanced mix of work and leisure opportunities. Get to know the locals, integrate into their lifestyle, and enjoy the beauty, culture, and flavors that the village and its surroundings offer.


Benarrabá, a hidden gem, and we invite you to enjoy a unique blend of remote work and the timeless charm of a traditional Spanish village.

At Rooral.Co, we recognize that each participant is unique. Whether you crave outdoor adventures, cultural immersion, or calming moments in nature, we provide experiences that you can pick and choose to suit your interests.

Experience Rooral.Co's approach to remote work, which connects you with the peace of rural living without compromising your work commitments. Immerse yourself in a balanced work-life environment, unearth the layers of history, relish local flavors, and embrace the tranquility that Rooral.Co and Benarrabá provide. Your adventure awaits - explore Rooral's offerings and allow the rustic charm of Benarrabá to enchant you.


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