3 years ago, this is what motivated me to return to Spain to prioritize those I love the most.

I had spent many years traveling, exploring and expanding my mental and work barriers. I moved around so much that I ran out of pages from 2 passports. All of this helped me to feel that my branches were growing and bearing fruit with a global reach, something that my parents have encouraged since I was little.

That desire to grow made me focus my attention outward rather than inward. On what was visible to others rather than what was true to me. However, there were several moments of difficulty and incoherence that made me realize that my roots were weak.

For example, I was concerned about understanding and generating an impact on vulnerable populations, but I was not able to have patience with my parents and explain my path with affection to them. I considered myself an advocate for inclusion with respect for differences, but I was the first to judge my longtime friends for their predictable careers and lives.

I realized that without strong roots, my branches were weak and fruits were bland. That is why I decided to pause and look down at the roots that were the center of my being. This chapter of my life has been of deep inner exploration and personal stretching. Let me share with you my main insights.

In these 3 years I have had the time to rediscover and understand those I love the most, especially my parents. We both agree that family is first, but I realized how I was not prioritizing them in my life decisions. And not only that, I was not letting them be a part of my journey out of fear of judgement, creating a bit of emotional distance between us.