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In one of the Rooral villages, a caring grandma noticed us working tirelessly for days in the coworking. To help us find a better balance between work and rest, she shared a thought-provoking fable.

Now, we want to share this tale with you, hoping it brings insights on how to approach the coming month of August.

The fable of the Firefly and the Owl 🦉

"Once in a lush forest, a radiant firefly named Sparkle was famous for illuminating the dark nights with its magnificent glow. Unknown to the other creatures, Sparkle had a little secret.

One day, Sparkle noticed its glow flickering, worried that it might lose its ability to shine. Seeking advice, it approached wise old Owl, known for his profound knowledge.

"Dear Owl," Sparkle said with concern, "My light is dimming, and I fear I won't shine much longer. What should I do?"

Owl smiled knowingly and said, "Ah, young firefly, even the brightest stars need rest to regain their brilliance. You must learn the art of recuperating your energy."

"But how can I rest when everyone expects me to shine every night?" Sparkle wondered.

Owl replied, "Rest doesn't mean abandoning your duty to shine. Each night, take a few moments to rest in the comforting embrace of the leaves. Allow yourself time to rejuvenate your glow."

Taking Owl's advice to heart, Sparkle incorporated short breaks into its nightly routine, settling on a leaf and closing its eyes to peacefully slumber. To its surprise, after each rest, Sparkle's glow became even more radiant. The forest creatures were mesmerized by its newfound brilliance.

Curious, one forest mouse asked Sparkle, "Dear Sparkle, how do you shine so much brighter now?"

With a twinkle in its eye, Sparkle shared the secret it had learned. "Rest is the key," it said. "By taking time to recuperate my energy, I can shine with even greater brilliance."

Inspired, the forest creatures also embraced the importance of rest, and the forest thrived with renewed energy and joy." 💫

The fable of Sparkle beautifully illustrates the vital role rest plays in our lives and communities. Like the firefly, taking time to recharge enables us to continue shining in our personal and professional endeavors while creating space for others to do the same. Rest is not a sign of weakness but a pathway to renewed strength and brilliance.

As we enter into the first weekend of August, a favored month for recharging, we encourage you to set intentions and make time and space for rest and reconnecting with your energy source.

How do you recharge?


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