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We are excited to have launched our very first permanent rural coliving and coworking space in a lovely village called Benarrabá in Malaga. This charming southern Spanish village has warmed our hearts and has all the ingredients that make it the ideal place to have our base. We can’t wait to share more with you!


This is an opportunity for fellow grounded digital nomads and remote workers to connect to the peace and harmony of a remote Spanish village and offer you a chance to prioritize your wellbeing and work efficiently while being a part of a caring and like-minded community.

Here’s what you need to know about the village and what to expect from an experience with us in Benarrabá!

Perspective of the white village of Benarrabá in the mountains of Malaga
View of the white village of Benarrabá

Benarrabá, Andalusia, South Spain

First of all, we want to introduce you to the village itself. Benarrabá is a quaint village nestled in the heart of Malaga's province, Andalusia. Tucked away in the picturesque Genal Valley, this charming village boasts a delightful ambience with its signature white-washed dwellings and meandering cobblestone streets, reflecting a rich cultural blend of Moorish and Roman influences.

After 3 years of hosting 12 pop-ups in 4 different villages in Spain, we feel like we have finally found the perfect village to host our Rooral experiences. Here are some reasons that made Benarrabá stand out to us.

  1. Friendly and welcoming locals In Benarrabá, you’ll find that this isn’t  just a place to live, but to belong to a community that welcomes newcomers with open arms. Every village is different, and we have found that in Benarrabá, locals are quick to smile and open up to people. This is something that made us feel instantly at home here. The genuine warmth and hospitality the people here have convinced us that this is the village that we want remote workers to be received in.  Don’t be surprised if a conversation with a local ends up turning into an invitation to their garden or home. We often get greeted with a basket full of eggs or oranges from their orchard. It has made us realize that the most meaningful gifts cannot be bought, and that heartfelt daily connections with our neighbors truly contribute to our wellbeing.

  2. Inspiring rural coworking It’s not easy to find a remote village with state-of-the-art infrastructure that is needed for a coworking and coliving experience. That’s why we were surprised to find that the village had just built a brand new coworking space that is thoughtfully equipped to suit diverse work preferences.  With high-speed internet (1GB symmetric), private workstations, outdoor terraces, meeting rooms, and a cozy coffee & tea area, Benarrabá’s coworking space checked all our requirements to ensure a productive and inspiring setting for work to be done.

  3. Charming rural coliving We have lived in all sorts of rustic rural homes during our pop-up days and we were lucky to find homes in Benarrabá that we could offer as coliving spaces for Rooralists. The houses are charming and well-equipped for a comfortable stay. One of the things that we are proud to offer private rooms for all Rooralists so that you can enjoy privacy and follow the schedule that you decide to design during your stay here. These homes are conveniently located, ensuring everything from coworking spaces to nature trails is just a short walk away, epitomizing convenient living. We love to say that you can liberate yourself from all that time you spend commuting to and from work, and can spend it enjoying slow mornings or walking in nature instead!

  4. Surrounded by beautiful nature Benarrabá is embraced by jaw-dropping nature. We love it when a village has countless hiking trails that lead from the footsteps of our homes. In minutes you can be surrounded by cork forests and lemon trees. This makes it extremely appealing to us here at Rooral because we want to invite all our guests to find balance in their days by connecting with nature. It makes it easy to regulate during your busy work day to just look out of the coworking window and be met with views of the mountains or to ground yourself with our neighbor Antonio’s friendly horses. Our Rooralist, Liz, from the United States enjoyed a walk in nature every morning before work and found that it improved her energy levels throughout the day.

Two remote workers having a walk in a nearby forest
Two remote workers having a walk in a nearby forest

The Rural Coworking & Coliving Experience

Along with the launch of our base, we also thought that it was a good time to present our pillars of connecting with yourself, nature, and community in a way that reflects our new locale.


One of the core pillars of the Rooral experience is self-reconnection. The environment of the village as well as curated activities like “Rooral Sessions” are opportunities to rediscover who you are beyond your work. As remote workers, it is common to find ourselves all day in front of a screen and perhaps even when we’re not working, continuing that screen-time count by scrolling through our socials or watching our favorite shows. 

The gentle pace of the village is a place where you can reconnect with yourself even throughout the day. A simple coffee break at the co-working terrace brings fresh air into your lungs and a grounding that can only be brought to you by the unique setting of a rural village.

Find Belonging

The village isn't just about a place to live and work - it's about finding a second home in the vibrant community. Here, you'll be part of a caring community, surrounded by like-minded Rooralists who are on a similar journey as you. At Rooral, you're more than just a visitor; you're an integral part of a coliving community that cares. Living alongside individuals with similar values allows you to share experiences, offer support, and forge meaningful connections, embodying the essence of community building. 

One of the qualities that make us stand out from other coworking and coliving communities is that we are not just another “nomad bubble.” Rooral living is a way to bridge people that come from different backgrounds and cultures. Our Rooralist from South Korea, Yeji, learned that the village’s pharmacist adores Korean culture and was invited to join our family dinner where Yeji herself cooked some dishes from her country.

Be in Harmony

When you spend time in the village, you will learn that unwinding and finding harmony comes easily when you immerse yourself with the tranquility surrounding you. You’ll notice it with the tone that people speak in, the care they take to bring you fresh vegetables from their garden, and the time they take to get to give you a warm greeting on your way back home. 94% of Rooralists have reported feeling like they had improved their mood compared to the day they arrived in the village and suspect that part of the reason is the immersion in rural life! Rooral's ethos extends beyond accommodation and workspaces; it's about deeply immersing in the local rural lifestyle.

Remote workers and digital nomads sharing food and music with the local community in Benarraba Malaga
Remote workers sharing with the local community

A Unique space for remote workers and digital nomads

A report from the Urban Land Institute forecasts the global coliving market to reach $650 billion, which shows how colivings and coworkings are becoming increasingly popular. We started to ask ourselves, how do we stand out from other coliving and coworking spaces aiming to bring people together in community? We came up with these 3 things that set us apart.

  1. Prioritize Wellbeing We firmly believe that wellbeing is essential to a happy life. From having nature trails right at your door to connecting with your hands in local artisanal activities and participating in yoga classes, we help you find balance in your life. 98% of Rooralists have reported less screen time and 81% reported being more productive while in the village. This shows us that it’s not about how much you work, but how well you work. Wellbeing is defined differently to everyone, so we encourage you to ponder what it means to you while you’re here. 

  2. Not another Nomad Bubble Bridging the urban and rural gap is at the core of our mission. In doing this we hope to connect people from different backgrounds and life experiences. The villagers are warm and welcoming to Rooralists so expect to be greeted by a friendly "hola" and be invited for a tea or to join a painting workshop by villagers who are excited to welcome you. How much you want to connect with the rural world is up to you!

  3. Inspiring Facilities We offer a brand new coworking space, just a 2 mins walk from our charming coliving spaces. No long commutes means more time for leisure activities, making it perfect for those looking for co-working spaces in Spain. You can also find a gym (with a great view), swimming pool (open in the warmer months), butcheries, supermarkets, restaurants and bars in the village – everything you need to smoothly transition into living in the village. 92% of Rooralists reported feeling more inspired to work on their projects while they are here and we have the incredible surroundings and infrastructure of Benarrabá to thank!

Digital nomad dancing with a local grandma in Benarrabá, Andalusia
Digital nomad dancing with a local grandma

Join our Village in Malaga!

We are so excited to have this permanent base in Benarrabá and can’t wait to have you join us. If you are looking to connect with yourself, others, and the natural world while advocating for a mindful, community-focused, and sustainable way of life, this coliving and coworking experience is for you.

Ready to join us? Express your interest here. We look forward to welcoming you back to the village!


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